Product Feedback & Reviews

Product Feedback and Reviews

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Customer Reviews:

“I was reluctant to think Kama Cream would be any better than coconut oil, which is what my husband and I usually prefer. After using Kama Cream, we will never go back to coconut oil. It’s like a buttery mousse that melts the same as coconut oil but won’t slide away. Additionally, we were desirous of having another baby and actually got pregnant the first time we used Kama Cream. A coincidence I’m sure but the passion that night was certainly elevated.”

Chelsea – Boulder, Colorado

“Kama Cream is an exceptional product and I can see it helping many people.  For me and my partner, it really juiced things up while my postpartum hormones were leveling out.  Take a pearl sized drop and put it on your clit and let it melt.  Super sexy!  I love knowing we have a pure and ethical product to enhance sexuality, rather than something made without such loving intention.”

Heather – San Francisco, California

“Kama Cream – I am in LOVE with Kama Cream!  I had been hearing from friends about this amazing body cream, but had not tried it myself.  I live in Hawaii and recently traveled to Colorado on a trip.  My skin became really dry after a couple of days.  I got some Kama Cream and, WOW, my skin feels amazing, looks great and the smell is so yummy.  I can’t wait to share it with my husband.  Thank you!”

Julie – Big Island, Hawaii

“Kama Cream has a remarkable silky smooth texture and a delicious scent.  It has a fabulous slippery smooth texture.  I have used it on chapped lips and dry skin and as a night cream on my face.  I am a skin care aficionado and I have never experienced anything quite like it.  I discover new uses for it every day. “

Wendy – Hygiene, Colorado

“Kama cream is great for daily use as a nourishing moisturizer. As an intimacy enhancer, we found it to be more sensual than fractionated coconut or water based ones we have used. It created a more contact full, textured experience. I prefer Kama cream!”

Scott – Boulder, Colorado

“I ordered Karma Cream because I love natural ingredients. I wanted to try it on my skin for a natural and healthy moisturizer. When I saw your almost erotic posts about Karma Cream I was like ” Well, I’m just trying it for my skin”. OK, so I get it in the mail. I open the jar, it smells like cocoa, heavenly chocolate. I Put it on my skin and it felt WONDERFUL. This product can be used for anything. Skin moisturizer- check, make up primer- check, wrinkle eliminator- check, make you feel cocoa sexy – double check! I LOVE this product and I rarely give anything 5 stars, but I’m addicted. Good on you, thank you for making an awesome product!!”

Rachel – Phoenix, Arizona

“This cream is not only good fro those sensual moments but it is decadent after a bath.  It deeply moisturizes and heals while leaving your skin smooth and nourished.  I have to say, every time I put it on my skin I just want to take a big lick of it like its’s whip cream.”

Kate – Boulder, Colorado

“Great moisturizer and smells nice. My girlfriend loves it, and so do I. Still need to expand on some of the potential applications and experience the full Monty!”

Eddie – Ft. Collins, Colorado

“The cream is made of a few pure ingredients; simple and melts into your skin.  It is not sticky but immediately penetrates the skin’s surface for a lubricating and soothing experience resulting in a luxurious feeling.”

Trisha – Boulder, Colorado