अहिंसा Ahimsa:
Non-Harmfulness, Non-Violence

We apply this principle to our products and our product development. We never, ever test our products on animals. We go out of our way to source ingredients that are not grown in a manner that is harmful to the earth. We bring extreme mindfulness to our product development.  

सत्य Satya:

We believe in empowering others and being transparent with all of our business practices.  We take our role as leaders very seriously.  It is our mission to do the right thing when no one is looking and we apply that to all aspects of our business.  We see our customers as our extended family – we want to to nurture you and keep you safe.  We take Satya very seriously.  We support organic farmers, practice localism whenever possible, and believe transparency is everything.


Satya Kama 4 Core Beliefs

शक्ति Shakti:
Power, the ultimate feminine power in the universe.

We are a female owned and operated business.  We use our business as a force for good and are committed to hiring women from our local community and empowering them with our business.  All of our herbs and hemp are grown by women in Boulder, Colorado.

कामस्य Kama:

Our mission is to spread smiles. Our goal is to help spread love and pleasure. We believe in using our business as a force for good, and we think our small batch line of body care products are delicacies for your skin. Skin care should be an extremely pleasurable experience. Nourish yourself from the outside in. Pleasure is making a comeback.


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