Our Icons

Hemp – Our products are hemp-centric. Organic hemp seed oil is one of five main ingredients in our Satya Kama Cream. Naturally high in Vitamins A & E, hemp seed oil is an excellent moisturizer for body, face, and hair. Hemp seed oil is high in Vitamin D, allowing the absorption of calcium needed for radiant, smooth skin. Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil shares qualities with natural skin lipids, and is excellent for use on eczema and dry, itchy skin. Hemp seed oil is naturally high in antioxidants known to prevent cell damage and possibly reverse the aging process.

All of our skin care products are 100% plant based.

All of our products are cruelty free. We do not do any testing on animals whatsoever.  We are working to ensure that all of our products are sourced in ways that do no harm any animals at all.  We are dedicated to doing the best we can to honor mother earth and all of her beautiful creatures.

We draw on the wisdom of Mother Earth to make recipes that include the best that nature has to offer.  Our original cream includes five ingredients that are vegan edible. While our skin creams are not intended to eat (of course!), they are good enough to eat. They’re skin food. Feed your skin the best food everyday and see how amazing it feels!